Dash Cryptocurrency celebrated its 8th anniversary!

Dash eighth anniversary

Dash anniversary 18.01.2022

January 18, 2022 marks exactly 8 years since the mining of the first block of the Dash cryptocurrency. This was reported on Twitter by the crypto project. 

“Exactly 8 years ago, the first block was mined on the #Dash network! What a journey it’s been. Grateful to the community, and all the members who’ve been with Dash since, or have joined along the way. to the next 8!” 

Indeed, for 8 years, the coin has come a difficult and interesting path. Introduced in January 2014 as XCoin, the coin then became known as Darkcoin, and finally, in March 2015, was rebranded as Dash (“digital cash”). This helped it get rid of the bad reputation of a means of payment for shady transactions. Since August 2016, the coin has ceased to be used in any significant market on the Darknet. 

In 2017, the coin entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, and in 2018 it became an alternative currency in Venezuela due to the devaluation of its bolivar fiat currency. 

Initially, the coin was sold for less than $1, and today its value is about $140. But this, of course, is incomparable with the historical maximum of $1,550 reached at the end of 2017. 

By now, the coin has fallen from the top ten to a rather modest 79th place in terms of capitalization. However, this cryptocurrency is still popular on the market, and its team continues to actively work on the development of the project. 

Who knows, maybe in the future the coin will have another bull run. 

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