Why is Dash better than Bitcoin?

Dash and Bitcoin coins

The Dash cryptocurrency (DigitalCash) is undoubtedly one of the best coins on the crypto market. Its features are so extensive and useful that it seems that Dash has collected all the best that was in other cryptocurrencies. And to some extent it is true. Various articles have repeatedly mentioned the advantages of Dash over other cryptocurrencies, however, often this had been done so superficially that it did not reveal the full potential. Well, it’s our time to fix that. To see the whole picture more clearly let’s compare DigitalCash with the largest “monster” of cryptocurrency market – Bitcoin.

Anonymity and transaction speed

Well, everyone has long known that in terms of anonymity and speed of transactions DigitalCash is significantly superior to Bitcoin. Therefore, without delving into the details, we will just briefly list the main points and summarize.

DigitalCash uses the “InstantSend” mechanism, which allows you to make transactions in just one second, and the “PrivateSend” mechanism makes these transactions completely anonymous.

There are no such mechanisms in Bitcoin, and therefore, in this race for anonymity and transaction speed, Dash confidently wins with a score of 2:0.

DigitalCash – 2 points for anonymity and speed

Network control

Dash is completely different. Only the so-called Masternodes have the right to vote here. Masternodes are special nodes that support the operation of the «PrivateSend» mechanism. To be a Masternode owner, investors need to have at least 1,000 coins in their accounts. There are currently about 4,200 Masternodes, and in order to gain control of the DigitalCash network (51% of Masternodes), attackers would need about $100 million, which makes such an attack very costly and therefore unlikely. Thus, the Dash network is controlled solely by the investors themselves, which, of course, is a huge advantage for any decentralized network.

Dash is the third ball for investor control

3:0 in favor of DigitalCash!

Asset limitation

Both Bitcoin and Dash have a limited total supply of 21 million and 22 million coins, respectively. However, if this value is real for Bitcoin, then for DigitalCash it is only theoretical. In reality the total emission is only 16-18 million Dash. The reason for this is that 10% of the DigitalCash emission goes to the development of the project, but these coins will appear only if an idea worthy of funding is proposed. If such proposals are not received, then these coins simply will not appear on the network, and 10% fewer new coins will be created.

Thus, the total supply of DigitalCash will be even less than the supply of Bitcoin. To date, DigitalCash issuance is limited to 18.9 million coins.

But that is not all. Let’s get back to Masternodes. Currently, there are about 4,200 Masternodes, which means that at least 4.2 million Dash are frozen in the accounts of Masternode owners, which is more than 39% of the 10.7 million coins in circulation. Thus, only 6.5 million Dash is in free circulation against 19 million Bitcoin. We should also not forget that Masternode owners receive 45% of the DigitalCash emission as a reward, exactly the same as miners receive.

There is only one conclusion here: we have 4:0 in favor of DigitalCash!

Dash – limited edition, 4th point


So we finally got to the part of the race where Bitcoin simply has no equal. Bitcoin is the most popular and liquid of all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin accounts for about half of the entire crypto market, despite all its shortcomings. Every new investor who comes to the crypto market comes first of all for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is like McDonald’s, everyone knows it, which, of course, cannot be said about Dash. Therefore, in the race for popularity, Bitcoin wins.

Bitcoin gets a point for popularity


The popularity and liquidity of Bitcoin is its greatest strength. It is the fact that this is the very first cryptocurrency that allows it to confidently stay on the first line of the rating. In all other respects, it is much inferior to Dash. It cannot be definitely stated that Dash will eventually catch up with Bitcoin in terms of capitalization. But you shouldn’t rule it out either, at least Dash has everything you need for this!

score 4-1

The overall score is 4:1 in favor of DigitalCash. Successful investments everyone!

Best Cryptocurrency – Dash or Bitcoin?

DigitalCash! – this crypto is the future.

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