Demand for Dash, Monero and Zcash has started to rise again. Stake Dash and gain 6% on your investments.

Dash Monero Zcash coins

The privacy-focused cryptocurrencies Monero, Dash (DigitalCash) and Zcash have demonstrated strong gains in March, then deep corrections in April and May.

Demand for such coins is due to the unprecedented crisis in Eastern Europe, in particular in Ukraine: many holders of Monero, Dash and Zcash believe that only these assets can provide the necessary financial privacy.

After analyzing the market in March – May, you can see that it was private coins that were among the growth leaders in March, but then the entire crypto market went into a correction::

  • Dash cryptocurrency rose to $133 in March. April-May cannot be called favorable for the entire crypto market. The price of DigitalCash during this time corrected to the level of $47. Despite the decline, Dash is slowly gaining momentum, today the price is $63;
  • Monero, as the top asset in this class, has grown more than 110% in March-April: from $134 to $285. This was followed by a correction to the level of $120. At the end of May, the price of the coin begins to recover – $193 at the moment;
  • ZCash rose by over 100% in March from $100 to $206. Already in May, the coin dropped to $70. As of the end of May, the price is starting to recover – $110 today;

Regulation of anonymous cryptocurrencies

Nevertheless, for many years Monero, Dash and Zcash have received close attention from regulators around the world because they can be used for money laundering. Some exchanges have already excluded private coins in fear of regulatory harassment, and South Korea has completely banned transactions with private coins.

Despite continuous pressure from regulators and delisting on exchanges, investors still heavily rely on privacy factor. They believe that absolutely any coin can be regulated, including Monero, DigitalCash and Zcash. According to the developers, such cryptocurrencies are practically not used by hackers and scammers, since bitcoin and Ethereum networks can also provide no less privacy.

Staking Dash on Bybit

Dash staking

In addition to investing in a coin, expecting its price to increase, you have a great opportunity to stake Dash and add 6% your annual income.

Bybit, a popular crypto exchange in Europe, has allowed DASH holders to earn passive income by staking.

Bybit customers can already bring DASH coins in staking for 30 days. The annual rate is fixed at 6% per annum. Moreover, the income from the stake is accrued daily, and if necessary, DASH can be withdrawn at any time.

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