DashPay – welcome a revolution in crypto payments?

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DashPay is a social payment network based on Dash cryptocurrency (DigitalCash). It focuses on simplicity and usability. That is, anyone can install the app, create a wallet in 2 minutes without identity verification and use cheap and instant DigitalCash transactions!

Why are payments in this system so fast?

DigitalCash uses masternodes and a unique “Instant send” technology that allows you to make a transaction instantly.

Where can I spend my coins?

Firstly, you can send them peer-to-peer with your acquaintances.

Secondly, you can use DashDirect technology, which is available at more than 155,000 stores worldwide.

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DigitalCash uses a hybrid algorithm for generating coins. This means that you can not only mine DigitalCash, but you can also stake it. Note that you have to deposit and freeze 1,000 coins to mine Dash. But you can use the CrowdNode service with a lower entry (1 coin).

Can I trust Dash? What are the benefits?

DigitalCash cryptocurrency is fully decentralized. Updates in it come out only after voting, the community also votes for the distribution of the budget. Unlike centralized banks, no one can take your money from you (unless they know your secret phrase) and no one can block your transfers.

You can send any amount anywhere in the world paying a paltry fee.

And with DashPay it’s all much more convenient! You will be able to send funds by username. It will be possible to personalize your account and make your profile more recognizable by adding your name, picture and information about yourself.

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Ankur Suri is a blockchain developer who became interested in cryptocurrencies while studying at UCLA. He follows cryptocurrency market news closely and is as passionate about writing as he is about programming. Together with a group of crypto enthusiasts, Ankur is involved in the development and promotion of the alternative Dash wallet, aiming to provide users with the most convenient tool for transactions with this coin.

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