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Since you came to this page, probably you decided to use Dash. Maybe you want to store Dash coins somewhere or make transactions in this cryptocurrency. 

Our free developer-approved Dash web wallet is exactly what you need for all these purposes! It's 100% up-to-date, fast and secure for storing, sending and receiving Dash coins. It has a simple and user-friendly interface so you can easily use the wallet on all your devices. Unlike hardware Dash wallets our online wallet requires no investment but has a comparable level of security. Importantly, with this wallet you can get started with Dash within seconds. 

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Properties of this web Dash wallet:

Why Dash?

Dash is an altcoin based on Bitcoin, but differs from it in a number of ways. It was the elimination of Bitcoin's shortcomings that was the main goal of Dash's creators.

Dash and Bitcoin have a lot in common: they are two international decentralized currencies that exist exclusively in digital form, they can be used to buy goods or services, and their issue is determined by users themselves, who are rewarded for mining new coins. Both Dash and Bitcoin are not threatened by inflation.

However, Dash has the following advantages:

  1. All Dash cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous, leaving no trace of activity on the network. In terms of privacy, it can only be compared to paying in cash.
  2. Dash doesn't use a single cryptographic algorithm, but a whole combination of them.
  3. Dash has a two-tiered architecture, you can easily and quickly implement updates and improvements.
  4. The decentralized network of master nodes makes the Dash system secure and tamper-resistant.
  5. There is little or no fee for transactions on the Dash network.
  6. Dash mining requires less energy per transaction than Bitcoin.
  7. Dash also has an InstantSend transaction service.
  8. Due to the decentralized governance and blockchain-based mechanism (DGBB), all members of the network can participate equally in projects to develop and improve the Dash system, as well as submit their proposals for public vote.

Scope of the Dash

The developers of the Dash network are constantly improving the system and expanding its functionality, anonymity and usability are paramount to them. Dash already has its own army of fans, their number is steadily growing. And the greater the consumer demand, the higher the value of the cryptocurrency and wider the possibilities of its use. 

With Dash, you can pay for goods or services; make currency transactions with minimal fees; invest in projects; and earn money by trading on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Dash is accepted by hundreds of online stores from around the world. You can buy jewelry, books, children's clothes, pay for a beer in the pub, and much more with Dash coins. Among the users of cryptocurrency there are both individuals and large companies. The official website of cryptocurrency Dash even has a separate page with a list of organizations and companies that accept payments in Dash. "Shop with Dash" - this cryptocurrency is entering our everyday life and is becoming a convenient payment tool.

Get started with Dash cryptocurrency using our free and easy Dash web wallet!